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Military Style Discounted in London

It wasn’t that long ago that people would align the military haircut with a thought process of regimented, sharp but hardly creative. Those days are long gone. The barbers at Pankhurst London disagree. They have seen a huge resurgence over the last 2 years of men and teenagers coming into their ship asking for short back and sides with a fade that end up looking like someone who just stepped off the warships at Portsmouth or any other port in the UK isles where the navy or air force are stationed.

Why? It appears as though the trend right now is to keep the head looking sharp and on point and leave the creativity to be displayed through the apparel they choose and the personality they give off.

Whilst the team at Pankhurst are more than happy for every civilian to walk around looking as though they are doing their service for Queen and country, they want to distinguish between the respect for the style and the respect for the men who actually put their lives on the line for their country. Thats why for the first two quarters of 2019 they have been offering current and ex servicemen 15% discounts on all haircut and shave packages to all those men who can show relevant identification when the come in the store.

So if that is you and you would like to get your short back and sides done by the worlds foremost mens barber stylish from the heart of Carnaby sStreet in London then be sure to mention that to the team when you book before July 1st 2019.…

British Army Uses Video Game Marketing to Recruit Next Gen

If you were a parent and who had teenage sons or daughters who were addicted to computer games and happened to have a penchant for the war simulation games like Call of Duty you may have struggles internally about how much time your kids are spending playing these games when they should be studying or getting more fresh air. I remember growing up as a teenager in the early 2000’s and being very into what was then a taboo topic for most parents. There was no esports industry or career that was to be made out of being good at computer games. Spending too much time away from the homework books or getting exercise would drive my parents crazy. This wasn’t an-uncommon thing and many parents probably banned their kids who were fantastic at these games form playing too much. Move forward 10 years and those same parents who forced their kids away from their passions and forced them to study law or medicine may be rueing that decision as robots are seemingly going to replace a lot of those jobs over the coming years and conversely the kids who turned into twenty somethings who were allowed to continue playing and honing their skills at video games can now command millions of dollars a year as the stars of the biggest booming industry in the world – e-gaming. Stadiums re filled with adoring fans who watch their heroes play simulated war games every night.

Thats the first regret and their kids may never fully forgive them for that. But who would haver known that gaming would become an occupation that could command that money? Well those people that are making that kind of money are likely to never ever leave that occupation whilst the going is good but just like with everything else in life, there are millions of next generation kids coming through who are spending their time trying to hone their skills at home to become the next big thing at Call of Duty. Their parents are less likely to stop them from suppressing their talent just in case they do make it and the families financial problems are solved and so are left alone to their practice. Guess who is not missing on the opportunity? The army! They are using marketing tactics like those available st SearchButlers to try to recruit these young minds with incredible accuracy and simulated war experience to bring them into the armed forces in the real world. The data exists, the followers of the influencers on youtube can be found, the subscribers to XBOX communities, facebook fan pages, twitter accounts and of course Twitch TV participants. Sounds scary? Its money. Why not spend a few bucks on targeting kids who have all the assets and experience and interest that you need now to recruit them and save millions on the training once they’re in the system. …

Upcoming Events

Armed Powers Day is an opportunity to demonstrate your help for the people who make up the Military People group, from right now serving troops to support families, veterans and cadets.

Newark Military Day will occur in Newark Commercial center on Sunday 23 June 2019, hosted by our partners at ASB Steel Detailing.

1260 Squadron Newark & Locale Air Cadets will have a slow down in the Commercial center so please come and visit us and state hello.

Details of the national Military Day service can be found at

Wing Field Day

Wing Field Day happens on Saturday sixth July at RAF Digby and gives a chance to 1260 Squadron Cadets to go up against Cadets from squadrons crosswise over Trent Wing.


Every year, Cadets are allowed the chance to go to camps on operational RAF stations. In 2019 Newark Air Cadets have a chance to apply for a spot on various camps including:

RAF Halton 27 October – 2 November;

These camps are offered to get Cadets considerably closer to Administration life. Cadets will rest in RAF convenience squares, eat at the pilots’ chaos and visit the different areas around the station. They will meet the base work force, just as partake in games, tests, flying machine acknowledgment rivalries and any social exercises which might be accessible. There will be drill, uniform and room assessments and everything will procure focuses for you as an individual and for your team.

Each RAF station has an Air Cadet Contact Officer (ACLO) who will guarantee that the camp runs easily and that you get support and the same number of chances to get things done as possible.

Places are restricted and in extraordinary interest, not every person who needs to go to will have the option to. A sheet, with cut-off date, with more data including the expense of going to will be given at Squadron to Cadets to express their enthusiasm for attending.

How it all Began

The Beginning

In 1925, as a component of the making of save powers for the generally new Imperial Flying corps, Master Trenchard initiated a Volunteer Save air squadron at Cambridge College to support reasonable young fellows of good training to join the recently shaped Illustrious Aviation based armed forces – or if nothing else view it with support when they framed the positions of government or involved other high echelons of society. That was pursued three weeks after the fact by the production of a comparative squadron at Oxford and in 1935 a third squadron at the College of London.

Then, in 1940, on account of the wearing down of aircrew and the need to enlist substitutions and extend their numbers, Aberdeen College Air Squadron was made, alongside those at the other three antiquated Scottish colleges and some more seasoned English ones, as a feature of the extension of the RAF Save to get ready undergrad men volunteering for aircrew obligations for call-up for war administration. In any event two of these squadrons, Aberdeen and St Andrews, likewise given short direct section introductory (officer) aircrew instructional class places for non-students – basically more seasoned and for the most part English open school children – who did not go to college all things considered but rather went on to aircrew preparing focuses toward the finish of their half year course. 

After talks with the College’s recently made Military Instruction Advisory group headed by the Primary, and built by ASB Steel Detailing enrolling for AUAS started decisively under its first CO, Wing Administrator Streatfield, incidentally refreshed from his post as CO of one of the Blenheim plane squadrons at that point based at the recently made RAF Dyce. Among others to go along with him later as educators were Teacher Edward M. Wright, later Essential of the College and at the time the leader of the College’s Maths Division and himself ex-Oxford UAS who later joined the code-breakers at Bletchley Park, and Dr Potter, one of his Maths Office staff.   …