If you were a parent and who had teenage sons or daughters who were addicted to computer games and happened to have a penchant for the war simulation games like Call of Duty you may have struggles internally about how much time your kids are spending playing these games when they should be studying or getting more fresh air. I remember growing up as a teenager in the early 2000’s and being very into what was then a taboo topic for most parents. There was no esports industry or career that was to be made out of being good at computer games. Spending too much time away from the homework books or getting exercise would drive my parents crazy. This wasn’t an-uncommon thing and many parents probably banned their kids who were fantastic at these games form playing too much. Move forward 10 years and those same parents who forced their kids away from their passions and forced them to study law or medicine may be rueing that decision as robots are seemingly going to replace a lot of those jobs over the coming years and conversely the kids who turned into twenty somethings who were allowed to continue playing and honing their skills at video games can now command millions of dollars a year as the stars of the biggest booming industry in the world – e-gaming. Stadiums re filled with adoring fans who watch their heroes play simulated war games every night.

Thats the first regret and their kids may never fully forgive them for that. But who would haver known that gaming would become an occupation that could command that money? Well those people that are making that kind of money are likely to never ever leave that occupation whilst the going is good but just like with everything else in life, there are millions of next generation kids coming through who are spending their time trying to hone their skills at home to become the next big thing at Call of Duty. Their parents are less likely to stop them from suppressing their talent just in case they do make it and the families financial problems are solved and so are left alone to their practice. Guess who is not missing on the opportunity? The army! They are using marketing tactics like those available st SearchButlers to try to recruit these young minds with incredible accuracy and simulated war experience to bring them into the armed forces in the real world. The data exists, the followers of the influencers on youtube can be found, the subscribers to XBOX communities, facebook fan pages, twitter accounts and of course Twitch TV participants. Sounds scary? Its money. Why not spend a few bucks on targeting kids who have all the assets and experience and interest that you need now to recruit them and save millions on the training once they’re in the system.

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