It wasn’t that long ago that people would align the military haircut with a thought process of regimented, sharp but hardly creative. Those days are long gone. The barbers at Pankhurst London disagree. They have seen a huge resurgence over the last 2 years of men and teenagers coming into their ship asking for short back and sides with a fade that end up looking like someone who just stepped off the warships at Portsmouth or any other port in the UK isles where the navy or air force are stationed.

Why? It appears as though the trend right now is to keep the head looking sharp and on point and leave the creativity to be displayed through the apparel they choose and the personality they give off.

Whilst the team at Pankhurst are more than happy for every civilian to walk around looking as though they are doing their service for Queen and country, they want to distinguish between the respect for the style and the respect for the men who actually put their lives on the line for their country. Thats why for the first two quarters of 2019 they have been offering current and ex servicemen 15% discounts on all haircut and shave packages to all those men who can show relevant identification when the come in the store.

So if that is you and you would like to get your short back and sides done by the worlds foremost mens barber stylish from the heart of Carnaby sStreet in London then be sure to mention that to the team when you book before July 1st 2019.